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Frostmourne on day 3 of founding
Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -3000, -3000
Lead nattress
Contributors narutodudee
Started December 2011
Completed TBD

Frostmourne is a small village in the outer reaches of the known world, at (-3k, -3k).

Currently it is shelter for those hardy explorers that dare venture to the edge of the world. It offers warmth, a bed, and food, as well as a Victory Board to show you were one of the pioneers of the 6K world.

Railway Access

We are planning to construct a Y70 branch line (The Hinterlands Line) to hook up at around (-1500,-1500), where it will join with the Pico to Topaz Y70 line. Carts traveling between Pico and Topaz will stop at the the midpoint and pause for a moment, allowing people to transfer to the Hinterlands Line. This line will terminate at around (-3k,-3k) and will allow others building villages in the new regions to build stations along the way for their own villages.