City of Heroes

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City Of Heroes
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Server PVE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -2300, 2300
Started Jan. 1 2012, 00:01

December 18, 2011

On this day, December 18, 2011 (Old Calendar), Amaranthus saw us and he saw the land. And he was disgusted by us. Crowded. Filthy. Hungry for the flesh of the beasts of the world.

He smiled to himself and formulated a plan. With a flourish, perhaps beyond out comprehension but impressive none-the-less, he did what he must. The world grew. For the first time in a great while the map was alive with beasts and birds. It was brimming with potential and things that shine.

From the ground up it formed, the base of the world grew hot with lava. The lava hid itself in caves. The caves settled and sagged under the ground and the ground birthed mountains. Thus the foundations of the City of Heroes were laid.

1 (New Calendar)

In the moments immediate to the implementation of the New Calendar three lonely souls sat on opposite ends of the world. One, Mikhaillost, an intrepid explorer. A second, Digital Warrior, a hubwards-raised entrepreneur. And the third, LogoMac, who had never seen the horrors of the before-times.

Quietly and in secret they planned their escape. They would make a break for it. Away from the busy streets of the poles and into the wilds of the mountains. They harnessed a dark power, giving them the ability to see the world as it is and, in the space of moments, observe its doings. For many minutes into the new Calendar they searched and then they found it. The Bless'd Mountains. They gathered their goods and made for it. The explorer ran scouting ahead. They ran for two nights and two days.

Then they arrived. As they climbed upon their mountain their hearts fell. Agony. Defeat. Hidden from the powers that gave them their direction: an intruder, HumanTarget. Was he in their room? Their mail? Their heads? He'd begun to build. They sadly turned towards the nearby valley, disheartened but undefeated. Then the skulk grinned. He had simply been there for amusement. He told them he had no intention of taking the land and that they may claim their Holy Lands. That is how the four Heroes started. From humble beginnings and secret meetings to glory and wonder and a land rich with gems and beasts. They were home. Uh huh.png