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2011-11-18 20.29.40.png
Planned for Map Revision 6
Location: x=0, z=1600

The Clusterblock is a compact city on the sixth revision of the PvE server. TaoDao is mayor, with brezmans as his co-mayor. Clusterblock will be one huge, chaotic structure, with all dwellings interconnected.

Position and Size

The Clusterblock is being built close to the South portal centered on the -185,1724 spot. It is connected to the portal and Lothos by a boardwalk. It will be built fully inside a space of 55x55x55 blocks, starting from ground level, and delineated by a stone structure. The total size of the enclosure will be 55³=166375 blocks. This figure was chosen because it provides space for about a hundred medium-sized apartments.


The Clusterblock is based on Kowloon Walled City. The Walled City was a huge cluster of houses in Kowloon, Hong Kong, that housed over 30.000 people on a very small area. The inside of the City was a maze of random houses and corridors, all interconnected. Clusterblock aims for a similar effect, but without the triad interference. That is why citizens wishing to build in the Clusterblock will have to follow three guidelines:

  • Any new dwelling must be connected to the others, forming one cluster.
  • No new dwelling may cover the front door of another. Every dwelling may have only one front door.
  • To make it easier for the mods, the dwellings must be built up of a number of cube-shaped rooms.

These rules will make sure that the city develops as one huge cluster of housing, but also that every house is connected directly to the outside via a network of organically growing halls and corridors.


Aside from these three rules, which must be followed, Citizens are also encouraged to

  • ... build special shapes composed of cube-shaped rooms
  • ... not build your house too large, the city hall will serve as a guideline
  • ... leave space for public spaces, connected to the hall system
  • ... just do what you feel!


Alt text
Clusterblock at the end of Revision 6