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2012-07-05 10.50.42.png
Server PvE
Map revision 8
Warp North West Portal
Coordinates -1780, -1790
Contributors totemo
Started 2012-07-4

PVE Revision 8

In PvE revision 8, totemo's eponymously named Tote's Potes rose from the ashes of its PvE revision 7 bankruptcy as an unassuming grocery stand like structure near the north west portal on the road to Angkor. Staying true to its historical roots, it sold items of comparative rarity. The mob cap imposed on PvE revision 8 and changes to mob AI in Minecraft 1.2, whereby mobs would not move when more than 24 blocks from the player, meant that dark rooms were widely regarded as infeasible on the server. So totemo used his own dark room grinder to produce jukebox records, selling them for one diamond apiece, or 9 diamonds for the set of 10 obtainable in-game (the cracked record, "11", cannot be obtained from creepers). Also on offer in limited amounts were villagers and cracked/mossy stone bricks from strongholds.

Transporting the Villagers to Angkor

Mrloud15 and totemo transported the villagers to the north west quadrant from the far south west (a distance of 4.5 km) using the 1800 rail loop and then bred them for sale in Angkor.