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PvE map revision 27 began on June 25th, 2021 with a theme of "Explore."

More information on this revision can be found in the rev 27 blog post here and the PvE Information guide here.


6000 x 6000 square, vanilla map, w/ World Painted areas
5000 x 5000 square w/ custom terrain
6000 x 6000 square, vanilla map


Revision 27’s spawn building was a group effort and was designed around SirLyle's rail design with staff and moderators handling different aspects of spawn as a whole.

Points of Interest in Spawn:

  • Rules Room - You will begin your journey here. Be sure to read all the rules before heading out!
  • Free food - Grab some free food stuffs before you go down spawn tower.
  • Random teleport - No idea where to go? Click on the Teleport sign to randomly be placed somewhere on the overworld!
  • Rail Station - Rails out of Spawncropolis are located under the building, entrances can be found on the East and West sides of spawn.
  • Nether Portal - Spawn’s nether portal is located in the center of spawn for easy access.
  • Trader Stalls - The stalls in the market will start populating with merchants a few weeks into the revision, be sure to stop back often!
  • Stables - Located next to the maze. Park your horse here while visiting spawn. Lost and found horses will be moved here as well.


This revision’s nether will be a 6000 x 6000 vanilla generated map with resources plumped. To allow the best experience of Minecraft’s new and improved nether we will not be including any custom mobs in the nether. We ask that claims made in the nether follow the same considerations as the Special Biomes in the overworld.

Portal owners will be allowed to have a 1x1 hole punched into the nether roof above their portals. The work to get up the roof needs to be complete prior to making a mod req for the hole to be punched.

We understand that a gold farm and bartering farms will be quite popular this rev. We encourage players to work together on a centralized farm. If you prefer to have a town farm, please keep the spirit of PvE in mind.

Nether Portals

Revision 27 will only have the one nether portal at spawn and there are none on the map available to be claimed. Unlike previous revs, you can use the custom currency at spawn to purchase custom item tokens that can be traded for padmins to place a portal for you.

The End

The End is custom generated again. There are plenty of resources to gather spread across islands of the 5000 x 5000 map.

Notable creations