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The Starship to go "Beyond"
Server Creative
Map revision 35
Warp Beyond
Coordinates -305, -2232
Lead Verros
Contributors SkrapssparkS,cutcontent,iceberg76,Bardidley,Kapouille,schererererer,CutterWill,Fluffhead555
Started 2020-02-01
Completed 2021-04-27

This build is a massive starship city structure complete with 2 spaceship dock levels and a city section. Built on and off over the course of many months and largely a solo project, this build had many delays and creativity roadblocks. Ultimately, I am content with what I have achieved with this build but I don't plan to revise another version of it.


The spaceship docks house 4 standard bay doors each; 2 on port and starboard respectively. The docks also have a shared loading bay door that is sealed shut at the bow of the ship for a total of 9 entryways. The Docks house some ships designs by SkrapssparkS, Kapouille, iceberg76 and Verros. There is also the power core at the stern as well as a supply room and cooling room in some rooms at the port and starboard sides.

Beyond ship1.png Beyond ship2.png Beyond ship3.png Beyond ship4.png Beyond ship5.png Beyond ship6.png Beyond ship7.png Beyond ship8.png Beyond ship9.png Beyond ship10.png Beyond ship11.png Beyond ship12.png Beyond ship13.png Beyond ship14.png Beyond ship15.png 2021-04-29 18.17.01.png


The City houses 5 apartment buildings (one of which is far lower quality than the rest), a number of houses in a small housing district, 3 supply arches near the port-bow, the warp drive building, a mysterious multicoloured spiral, and small park and the control centre at the stern. Starship2.png Starship3.png Starship4.png Starship5.png Starship6.png 2021-04-29 18.21.12.png 2021-04-29 18.20.05.png 2021-04-29 18.20.09.png 2021-04-29 18.20.25.png 2021-04-29 18.20.58.png Starship7.png Starship8.png Starship9.png Starship10.png Starship11.png Starship12.png

Control Centre

Control lobby1.png Control lobby2.png Control red.png Control orange.png Control blue1.png Control blue2.png Control blue3.png Control green1.png Control yellow1.png Control yellow2.png Control purple1.png Control purple2.png Control purple3.png Control purple4.png


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