Christmas Town (r22)

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Christmas Town
Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 20.13.41.png
Server PvE
Map revision 22
Coordinates 3800, -2400
Lead PPGOME, ieuweh, kitty9293, promaxxe
Contributors frisbii8, PyroAvok, PlNG, Carnivore_nds
Started November 2018
Completed December 2018

Christmas Town for Rev 22 was created by Colorata, a group of builders from Tabula Rasa (r21).


Games, Shops and other town builds

Christmas Town was a community project lead and planned by PPGOME in collaboration with many Tabula Rasa's ex-members (now know as Colorata peeps) who contributed to the project with their own builds, ideas and donations.

  1. Polar Express (Christmas Train) - built by PPGOME and PlNG
  2. Befana's Quest - created by ieuweh
  3. Santa's Cookie Bakery - built by kumquatmay and ieuweh
  4. The Fancy Elf Boutique - built by kitty9293
  5. El Bar, Pyrobar, Pine Tree Tavern - built by kitty9293
  6. Santa's Workshop - built by ieuweh
  7. Jingle Bells Library - built by kitty9293
  8. CMF (Celebrity Meat Factory) - built by kitty9293
  9. ParaĆ­so de Alfombras - built by kitty9293
  10. Apple Cider & Eggnog - built by PPGOME
  11. Christmas Store - built by ieuweh
  12. Christmas Trees Garden - built by promaxxe
  13. The Christmas Tree - built PyroAvok
  14. Depot - built by PPGOME, ieuweh, kitty9293
  15. Oceloto - built by Carnivore_nds



House Decorating

PPGOME, ieuweh and frisbii8 prepared 12 empty houses on the southern side of town for players to join and decorate as they like during the festivities.

i_c_e_'s House

Alt text Alt text

PlNG's House

Alt text

Secret Santa

The Secret Santa sign-ups were organized by kitty9293 following this schedule:

  • Dec 1st - Sign-ups begin
  • Dec 11th - Sign-ups end
  • Dec 12th - You will receive an ingame /mail from me with another players name
  • Dec 13th - Your gift needs to be in the designated chest
  • Dec 14th - You can open your gift! (it will be the chest with only your name on it)

The Secret Santa Get-together was scheduled on December 14th, 7:00pm Central (8:00pm EST).

Befana's Quest

Befana's Christmas map hunt made a comeback, this time with three new additions, making it a total of 9 paintings hidden around town!

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