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While not every build can get its own warp, players are free to set "private warps" as homes for themselves by using the command /sethome home_name. It is also possible to expose homes to other players, allowing them to access those homes in much of the same way as private homes. To set such a home, use the command /sethome home_name public. To remove a home, use the command /delhome home_name.

The following is a list of public homes set by players. Feel free to visit them. To warp to a public home, use the command /home player_name home_name. Please note the home name and player name are case sensitive.
Example: /home GMMan_BZFlag thule

You may also check which public homes players have, by using the command /listhomes player_name. Note player name is case sensitive. You may also list your own homes with /listhomes.


List of Public Homes

Revision 26



  • changeling (1279, 70, 1322) [March 28, 2014]
    When finished, this will be a very large statue with an extensive cave network. As of 4-16-14, the statue is still under construction and the caves haven't been touched.

Revision 25


None, unfortunately.

Revision 24



  • inspiration (+1540, 69, +1010) [March 2013]
    I didn't know what to build. See album on imgur.
  • thule (-322, 43, +1734) [April 2013]
    Research laboratory. Nice reception, mob lab, and cryo freezing chambers.
  • tower (+1096, 43, -650) [February 2013]
    Puzzle tower from the game Antichamber. See album on imgur.
  • tower_top (+1109, 251, -638) [February 2013]
    Top of the Antichamber puzzle tower.
  • undertown (+19, 46, -706) [July 2013]
    Current location of UnderTown dig. Please read the books at the bottom of the block before digging. My progress on the UnderTown dig.
  • block_elevator (-800, 68, -2361) [May 2013]
    It's an elevator that pushes a block up to sky limit.
  • frozen (-317, 6, +1739) [April 2013]
    It's my AFK box and harassment bunker. Be careful when you teleport to me, as there is a good chance I'll be in here.


  • SkullKeep (-893, 66, -846) [??]
    Reproduction of the map of Dungeon Master 2: Legend of Skullkeep.
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