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Instructions for adding to list

First, set your public home. When on the server, go to where you'd like to set your home, and enter the command /sethome home_name public. Replace home_name with the name you'd like to give the home. Make sure public is at the end.

When you've set your home, on the Creative Public Homes wiki page, hit the Edit link beside the revision number, and add a new section on the bottom (between the <div> tags) like this:

* '''home_name''' (posx, posy, posz) [Approximate build date]<br />A description of your build

Which will appear like this:


  • home_name (posx, posy, posz) [Approximate build date]
    A description of your build

Be sure to replace Player_Name with your in-game name, home_name with your home name, posx, posy, posz with the X, Y, and Z coordinates, respectively, of your home. for the approximate build date, use a month-day-year format (e.g. June 6, 2013), or a month-year format (e.g. June 2013) if you don't have an exact day. Please note player name and home name are case sensitive. Please write them as such. Make only one block for yourself. Please also update the list promptly if you've added new public homes or modified or removed any of them.

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