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The Creative Transit Authority refers to a number of booster-assisted rail systems across the Reddit Creative Server map revision 11. It is currently undergoing construction. Lines are named according the varying materials used to decorate them.

All major lines intersect at a central station underneath the spawn (still being built).

The Official Website contains much more information on active development of the CTA lines.


Current Lines

If you actually know anything about these lines, please, write the page for them.

      Blue Line


Spawn Station

HQ Station

      Pink Line

      Orange Line


Red Line Station

ROC Station

      Green Line


Spawn Station

      Red Line


Spawn Station

Red/Orange Station

      Yellow Line


Spawn Station

      Purple Line

      Cyan Line

Rainbow Line Flag.png Rainbow Line

      Light Blue Line

      Brown Line

Construction Guide

With the exception of major intersections or special stations, all subway stations should follow the following layout.

Sample Station

If you create a line, and would like it to become a part of the officially maintained CTA rail line, please leave a note at the CTA Tower at the CTA Multiplex, which runs by blue line. Your line will be reviewed to ensure that it meets our standards, and you will be assigned a color and then be included in our rail system. For realtime information about construction projects, please go to the CTA Tower.

Track Building

Track tunnels (or anywhere there is a track) should have a 5 wide, 3 high "tunnel" to travel through.

When at all possible, try to build tracks directly underneath roads. They are generally unused space, and won't stop people from building things directly next to the road.

Boosters should be placed wherever they are needed. Placing them between rails is fine (see the sample station for example), but placing them outside the confines of the track is no big deal either.

If two lines intersect, there should be an intersection station for players to transfer. If three or more lines intersect (or if the intersection is a significant landmark like the spawn), the station should be a hub station with multiple lines and platforms running through the same building. Make them epic.

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