Federation of Southern Townships

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Federation of Southern Townships
Map of the Federation of Southern Townships on 10 April 2018
Server PvE
Map revision 22
Coordinates 0, -1500
Started 19 March, 2018

The Federation of Southern Townships, or "The Federation" is an inter-town organization that was conceptualized in the first week of revision 22 by xOreoToast, TheCoachAdair, and inventingnothing. Their three towns, Ashmore, Pumpkinopolis and House on the Rock respectively, located within close geographic proximity to one another decided to work on projects such as roads together, eventually coming to form a loose Federation alongside ghrey303 and his town of Solace.




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The Fortress City of Ashmore is one of the founding members of the Federation. It was founded as a mining outpost by xOreoToast and now builds and maintains most of the Federation's vital infrastructure. It is the northernmost incorporated multi-person township in the Federation and has a strong economy, fuelled by mining and vast fields of wheat, carrots, sugarcane, melons along with 4 different types of livestock. It is the only fortified city within the Federation.

See Ashmore for more.


Harrowhall is a medium sized fort town located to the immediate northeast of Fort Kickass. It is supported economically by agriculture and forestry.

House on the Rock

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The House on the Rock is a small farming and mining town located directly along Highway #1, a short distance from Pumpkinopolis and directly to the south of Ashmore. It was founded by inventingnothing. Despite having only one member, it is not considered to be a Specialized Rural Development due to its founder status within the Federation.


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Pumpkinopolis was formed by Tythal and four IRL friends/family members, part of the Discord server "Pumpkin Prime". Pumpkinopolis ("Pops" as the kids call it) started in Revision 21. During Revision 22, the founders set out to find The Lost City of Pumpkinopolis. It was found by an adventurer called "Windy" and soon Tythal and TheCoachAdair were off to uncover the once-lost city. Several original buildings still stand, including a giant pumpkin, which now serves as a chapel in honor of the Pumpkin Prophet. Not too long after the settlement was established, Pumpkinopolis joined the Federation of Southern Townships.

See Pumpkinopolis for more.


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Solace is the undisputed economic heart and core of the Federation, having control over one of the server's nether portals, villagers and vast quantities of diverse food crops. The town itself has been around since revision 13 and continues to thrive to this day.

See Solace for more.


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Fairlight is a large town located in the northern reaches of Federation territory. It is located directly along the route of the southern cardinal road and thus has many southbound travellers pass through it every day. The northern border of the Federation runs through the boundary between Fairlight and a municipality that borders it to the north.

See Fairlight for more.

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos is a fortress located in the eastern reaches of Federation territory.


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See Redsun for more.

Specialized Rural Developments

A fancy way of saying "ranches", there are a number of private, Federation-affiliated non-township developments within Federation territory. These include developments owned by tfrear, CarbideTip, trooprm64 & AnonymousDapper. These developments are primarily single-person and as such are not considered to be proper townships.

Points of Interest

Chapel of the Pumpkin Prophet

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The Chapel of the Pumpkin Prophet is a naturally generating structure that was uncovered in The Lost City of Pumpkinopolis. It was cleaned out to restore it to its original state and converted to the chapel in honor of the Pumpkin Prophet.

Fort Kickass

Early in revision 22, the fortress now known as Fort Kickass was controlled by Zombies spawned by two zombie spawners. However, it was liberated by Federation troops in "Operation Kickass" carried out by xOreoToast and Tythal on 19 March 2018. The Federation of Southern Townships are working towards rehabilitating the fort with projects such as establishing a double zombie grinder and a military supply base in the fort.

Central Administration

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The Central Administration Building is the seat of the government of the Federation. It is located directly north of House on the Rock along the main highway. It houses chambers for the Federation Council and offices for various government officials.

Ruined Dreams National Park

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Located in the heart of the Federation, directly across the main road from the Central Administration Building, Ruined Dreams National Park is a protected ruin of a world-generated house that was decimated in the early days of the revision.

Citizen Index

This index is not complete.

Town Citizens
Pumpkinopolis Tythal, TheCoachAdair, generalmick, MakauAran, r00tcmdr
Ashmore xOreoToast, MacroMadness, Fezthebear, tfrear, BrianTheProg, eternaf, Indroid, Rudolf_Hoess
House on the Rock inventingnothing
Solace ghrey303, nels_nelson, 007carljay, robr, SirLyle
Fairlight Cizeta8088
Castillo de San Marcos coopercasual, jdriggers08
Harrowhall TBD
Redsun AnonymousDapper, DuckyLeQuack, inventingnothing
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