Iron Line

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Iron Line
Runs North-South
Primary Hubs Spawn Station
Notable Stations Avalon Station, 7segment Station

The Iron Line is a Metro Rail public minecart line from the Spawn Station hub north to 7segment Station. It was the first fully constructed line of track using modern stone-and-gold rail. It is notable for having the first two midway-bypass stations, Industrial and Avalon stations.


The Iron Line was originally built from iron blocks, as it runs below the Great Iron Road. When CraftBook was introduced on the server, the entire line broke as iron blocks act as ejectors under CraftBook. The Rail Restoration Project replaced the entire track with stone lines and gold-block boosters at the end of December 2010. The Iron Line was the first completed line to feature midway-bypass stations and fully working transit to its end.


Notable Places

The line runs north from the spawn through an underwater tunnel and ends at the northernmost area of the world where a full 7-segment LCD display made of redstone is present.

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