Spawn Station

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Spawn Station
Spawn Station
Spawn Station
Spawn Station
CTA Spawn Station 17.png
Entrance to Spawn Station
Coordinates X: -63 Z: -10
Location Spawn
Forced stop? Yes
Blue Line - Green Line - Red Line - Yellow Line
LOL Station

CTA HQSpawn Station ↔ (End of Line)

(End of Line)

Spawn Station is a Creative Transit Authority rail hub in the Creative server revision 17. It is located to the North of Spawn, and contains the four cardinal lines, as well as CTA project status.

Station Information

The CTA Central Station (or Spawn Station) is currently under construction pending issues with spawn prime permissions. Early on the project also ran into problems with Tebok City perms which have since been dealt with. The station location is just north of spawn in a sunken box complete with a subway style entrance. While Goron40 designed the actual station itself the tunnels were designed by Yagi_Takeru. As yagi has stated the tunnel design was stumbled upon in an attempt to create an arch over the rails made of double steps before he realized the resolution was too low with the tunnel size. Remnants of this old design can be seen on the current wood roof design over the rails where the first two layers follow a 2::1 rise over run instead of a 1::1 ratio. The glowstone siding was inspired by N00bville where MaidenGenevive used hanging glowstone lamps surrounded on all sides with turned up trap doors as a means of cohesive city lighting.



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