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Server PvE
Map revision 3
Coordinates -400, 0
Lead Segasaturn95
Contributors bathacker, little_duff, redhare, Darkskynet, DeliaEris, jimmsta, LudicrousSlim
Started 2011-05-20


Kamennyigrad was originally a small village on the v2 PVE map, started when Segasaturn95 could not find a good place to settle. The name "Kamennyigrad" comes from the Russian words "stone" and "city." His aim in creating the town was to build a community living in more than one style of architecture, attempting to avoid the stigma of a "cheaply-built" town. It was designed around a set of unique and highly controversial rules. The town reached a population of 6 people before the announcement was made that the map would soon reset. Segasaturn95 then took to the reddit minecraft forums for advice, and was convinced to adopt a new set of laws for the new map. At this time he also decided to provide free housing for new members, as well as divide the city into three districts with different building styles: Novichok (Novice,) which holds many small homes, Rynka (Market,) which features medium-sized apartments and public marketplaces, and Tsentr (Center,) an area for towers and monuments. A location was chosen on the v3 map at -400, 0, picked for its relatively flat land and scenic views of mountains and lakes. It was later discovered that the land the town was built on was suspended in the water, meaning that underground utilities like mines and metro stations were very difficult to construct.

During May 2011, Segasaturn95 built the districts of Rynka and Novichok and connected them via bridges across several lakes that dotted the landscape. A few interested users joined the town and began to take up residence in the free homes. Tsentr was added with its own major bridge that was completed with the help of LudicrousSlim. A kennel was constructed at the end of the month, but a griefer named Lawliet156 broke into the building and killed the town's only dog. The griefing happened at the same time as a forum discussion about banning dog ownership, and lead Segasaturn95 to destroy the kennel and ban dogs in the town the next month. A library was later built on the former location of the kennel.

During June 2011, Tsentr was expanded and two large towers, Kaskad (10 floors, 3 floor spire) and Britva (8 floors), were constructed. A metro system with four stations was built and was scheduled for major renovations during July. Ozero, a new scenic district was opened on the location of an incomplete tower started by bathacker, which was replaced by a glass-clad apartment building. Public farms for wheat, mushrooms, sugarcane, and trees were completed and opened to the public, and redhare became the groundskeeper for the entire town. The town government was outlined with Segasaturn95 acting as "Despot." The title of despot was chosen to make light of criticisms of the town and is meant to be funny, as an election for town leadership was scheduled for mid July. A major rail project began late in the month to link Kamennyigrad to the circle rail, which succeeded but was nearly immediately reversed by a massive rollback that occurred because of a server error. The map was reset soon after the rollback, prematurely ending plans for future expansion.


Kamennyigrad was open to all and was not moderator-protected, with the exception of the City Hall. Free housing was also available all over the city.

19 people lived in the city at the time of the reset: Segasaturn95, bathacker, redhare, gashura, Little_Duff, Uhrzeitlich, TommyPiz, MetroGnomeXC, DeliaEris, DarkSkynet, FenixConnektion, jimmsta, LudicrousSlim, SilentRecon, NRage, DDJC100, DeathbyRPG, and two others who will be added to this page as soon as SS95 can remember their names/get a hold of the map download.


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