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The PvE Olympic Games
Server PvE
Map revision 13

POlympics is an inter-city competition of Olympic proportions! In revision thirteen it shall be hosted by Seneca and Directed by bbgun09.

POlympic Games


The PvE Olympics (Also could be shortened to the POlympics) are to be hosted in Seneca on a weekend of Rev 12. Several different games will be hosted over the course of a few days with an opening and closing ceremony. Each game gives either a Diamond (3 Points), gold (2 Points), or iron (1 Point) medal for the top three contestants. During the closing ceremony the winner (the group with the most points) is announced and granted the Rev 13 PvE Olympic Award for Excellence in Careitude.

Types of groups applicable to the games

- Any City

- The Independents (Non-city residents)

In order to qualify for a game:

- You must have a leader of your group's consent (mayor for city residence) - Not Applicable to Independents

- No one else from your group must have already asked for that specific game

- After you check the previous are true, you go to any Olympic Official and ask to enter for the games - If the previous are true they will mark you down so that no one else may take you place without the express notice of the leader of your group

The Games (This list does not stand for what the final games will actually be)

- Spleef (FISA Regulations)

- 3 Layer Spleef

- Boat Racing (Around a track on a boat)

- Arena PvP (Standard PvP)

- Horse Lancing PvP (Google it)

- CTT (Capture The Torch - Two teams, one with a regular torch and one with a redstone torch. The first team to get both torches in their team's chest wins)

- King of the Ladder (Try and stay on top of the ladder!)

- Porkball (Rugby, with pigs!)

- Pigfights (Kill your opponent's pig to win!)

- Parkour Racing

- 5k-Style Race (Long Obstacle Course- google "tough mudder" then think that, but minecraft)


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