Party Basement (Revision 24)

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Party Basement
Party Basement Rev 24
The main floor.
Server Creative
Map revision 24
Warp PartyBasement
Coordinates 536, -590
Lead NEVAstop, nickeox
Contributors Magnyus, HailSaban, EeHee2000, Dex4002, Andrew4210, Derpinator20000
Started 2013-07-09 01:34:02

The Party Basement, a recurring build every few Creative Revisions, always brightens the mood and allows opportunity to listen to music together.

Previous Revisions

Most of the previous Party basements were built by Eustis.

Revision 24

One boring night on Creative, Nickeox and NEVAstop were not wanting to get too creative, as they both were told that the end of Revision 24 is coming SOON™. Despite that lie, NEVAstop had a great idea for a last project. "This rev needs a Party Basement," he said. About 2 days later, the two were again talking. NEVAstop spoke up. "I think I know where we should build it." nickeox then teleported, to find himself standing in front of the condemned CTA station. nickeox agreed. It was the perfect place. They removed the boards from the door and got down to business. For several days they, along with several assistants, dug the stone down to bedrock. Everyone then started the build, beginning with the dance floor. Everyone went on to create one of the largest, most elaborate builds of the revision.

The basement is located below a dilapidated CTA station. Follow an extensive double-helix staircase, and you'll find you'll find yourself at the entrance.

Within The Basement

  • DJ booth with headset design.
  • 1 primary bar, 2 side bars.
  • Restaurant.
  • 2 dance floors.
  • Billiards tables.
  • 4 bedrooms for rent.
  • Coat check at entrance.
  • Hookah room.
  • Gardens. Everyone needs some oxygen at bedrock level.
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