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Hail, inside his observatory.
Hail's First Build in Rev 25, Island Observatory.
Authority Party Basement Janitor, Rev 24.
Favorite server Creative
Joined January–March 2013, Rejoined September 2014
Left November 2013-January 2014, Left Again December 2014

HailSaban is a player who, at the time of joining, was a relatively quiet character, but was enlightened a bit by several regulars that are well known in the community. (Most notably nickeox, EeHee2000, Magnyus, and NEVAstop.) He went on to become part of the "C Group" and was on Mumble nearly every night. After Hail left the servers, he remained on Mumble, as active as ever. Hail is no longer active on any of the servers, and is rarely on Mumble. (though he intends to be more active on Mumble)

Most Notable Builds and Contributions

  • Island Observatory, Rev 25. Coincidentally aligned with the rise and fall of the sun and moon, this observatory was built upon an island Hail deemed perfect.
  • The Polar Statues, Rev 25. Two statues, one by a pit of lava, the other on top of a mountain. Both the same design, different blocks. (Nether Brick and Quartz, respectively.)
  • Genesis, Rev 25.
  • Spleef, Rev 27. The largest Spleef Arena at the time.
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