PvE Spawn (r15)

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Spawn PvE rev 15
2018-03-28 12.52.09.png
Spawn from above
Server PvE
Map revision 15
Coordinates 18, 2
Lead buzzie71, Sapphric, TheRandomnatrix, Trooprm32

Spawn is the building/area where players spawn the first time they join the server. It is usually located at the center of the map, and it contains the rules of the server, the spawn nether portal, free food and other treats to help equip freshly joined players before venturing outside.


Inspired by pirates, the PvE Admins decided to build a pirate ship as this rev's spawning area, imprisoning newcomers inside a cell at the bottom of the ship. In an interesting twist, their run for freedom required them to go through the rules of the server and other general and useful information first.

Another aspect that broke the usual pattern commonly seen in other Spawn buildings from past revisions, was the lack of cardinal roads. Instead, Spawn had a more organic feel and structure, inviting players to explore its surroundings from the moment they obtained their freedom. Spawn was further decorated with pubs, stores, and a small parkour course in the surrounding islands.

Spawn Nether Portal

The Spawn Nether Portal could be found South of the Pirate Ship, following a wooden path that lead to a small cavern.

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