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Authority Moderator
Of Unity
Favorite Server PvE, Survival
Joined last half of r7
Will leave later
Home City ???
FISA Spleef Team Argoth
"Ohz noes!"
buzzie71 whenever he has a bad feeling about something

buzzie71 joined in the last half of the 7th revision of PvE. He had previously joined Survival, but tired of the constant warfare between players and lack of impressive structures. Since getting established on PvE, however, he has occasionally made forays into the other two servers, primarily S.


PvE r7

buzzie71 and his friend Darkthread lived alone on a very small island, just off the Rack City/Avalon rail. Their humble residence contained an outdoor farm for wheat, melon, and pumpkins; a tree farm; and a house all extended off the island. Rooms were dug underground, though materials were in relatively short supply due to the island sitting almost on top of a huge cave system. buzzie71 was known to frequent the cities of PvE often, taking advantage of his proximity to the by-then well-developed rail network.

buzzie71 joined other players in running the fabled 5K.

PvE r8

buzzie71 and Darkthread have returned once again, this time to settle on a beach near a jungle east of Spawn.

He maintains a very innocent house in the faraway city of Melonville, where he has a Long Range Transmitter 5000 connected to the Argoth Espionage Agency in its basement.

buzzie71 led the Misfits in the rev's FISA tournament, a team of independent players and players not aligned with major cities such as Argoth, Lothos, Wellspring, and New Lemuria. The team came out with 2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 did-not-play.

buzzie71's primary build in this rev is his (incomplete) underwater dwelling of Mahri Nui. Time constraints ultimately stopped further major expansion efforts, but plans are to build a more expansive underwater dwelling for the next rev.

PvE r9

buzzie71 has returned, with plan in mind, and completed Mahri Nui in the western ocean.

Throughout the rev, he continued building smaller-scale projects, such as a treehouse in Moo, a prototype Kakama-type fighter in Argothian airspace, and an innocent house in Brom. He also hid a Spy base in his residences in Moo and Brom.

PvE r10

buzzie71 has secretly constructed a military base on the ocean floor, codenamed Daxia, though its coordinates are now public.

S r20

After hearing of the cities going up on this particular revision, buzzie71 ventured over to S to provide defense of NuBluehaven and Egreth. Near the end, he took to the skies and built a sky island high up above the swamp northeast of Egreth, where he stayed for the last days of the rev.

PvE r11

buzzie71 built the Three Virtues Spleef Stadium on the ocean floor southeast of spawn, off the coast of Port 80.

S r21

With the success of his S venture from the previous rev, buzzie71 returned originally to defend the city of Sanctuary, though eventually was convinced to build. With an effective lack of invaders to attack, buzzie71 eventually decided to ditch the hermit lifestyle for just this rev and joined the city in building.

S r22

buzzie71 fled to the jungles in the northeast and silently built Tier 7, a village of Testificate villagers among the jungle treetops, while waiting for the new P rev to start.

PvE r12


PvE r13

buzzie71 is totally not hiding somewhere.


buzzie71 aided in the digging of some crazy project on Creative r22 which the locals call Dome6. Once the digging was complete, he built a Spy base in the depths of the Dome.

He has also been active on S.


buzzie71 appears as a Toa from the BIONICLE toy line.

In rev 8, he secretly pretended to work for Argoth as a Spy (his status as a neutral free agent was never really compromised), though he was exposed and due to be tried and jailed at the UMC for "espionage, blaspheming against Broadcast, and resisting arrest".

Alternatively, he may appear as a RED spy.

"Settling this like gentlemen" with Ooer. Note the item Ooer is holding.
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