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This article is intended to be a quick-start guide and FAQ for new users or users unfamiliar with the Creative server. The guidelines and commands below are by no means exhaustive, but should give a player the basics to join the server and start successfully.



First time joining

  • The first time you join, you will land at Spawn. Everyone starts here.
  • Look around - there are signs reiterating rules and offering tips.
  • Feel free to explore, but once you leave the protected spawn area, be careful with your clicks. In Creative mode, a single left-click will destroy a non-protected block in range. If you accidentally break something, please fix it before moving on.


  • How do I fly?
    • Double-tap your Jump key. Once in the air, Jump will raise your character, and Sneak/Crouch will lower your character. To turn off flying, double-tap Jump again, or lower yourself with Sneak/Crouch to a standing surface.
  • What is the button to Jump/Sneak/Open inventory/etc.?
  • How do I give myself items?
    • Open your inventory. You can click items into the hotbar directly.
    • You can also issue the /i command in chat. (/i itemname)
  • Why can't I give myself some blocks or use buckets?
    • Buckets and a variety of other blocks and items are banned (see the Creative Rules). Certain blocks cannot be placed by anyone under any circumstances, but many of the banned blocks and banned items can be placed or used by a Moderator.
  • How do I get rid of items?
    • Open your inventory again. Click items back into another location (if you place the same or similar block on top of itself, you'll just pick up more.)
  • Help! I picked up some banned items by mistake. What do i do to avoid a kick/ban?
    • First off don't panic. Simply get rid of the banned items the same way you would get rid of any other item. If you see someone using banned items when they shouldn't, contact a moderator.
  • How do I teleport to people?
    • Use the server command /tp [username] to teleport to "username".
  • How do I send a private message to another player?
    • Use the server command /msg [username] [message].
    • There's also /m (short for /msg) and /r [message], which replies to the sender of the last message you received.
  • Geez, I don't want people teleporting to me. Can I stop them from doing that?
    • Use the commands /tpmode allow | /tpmode deny | /tpmode ask to turn teleporting on, off, or into a mode where you can allow or deny each player as they attempt to teleport to you.
  • How do I teleport to landmarks?
    • Use the /warp command, find an interesting-sounding place, then /warp [warpname]
  • I want to add a warp! How do I do that?
    • Warps aren't handed out to just anyone. It really needs to be a special community area. If you're sure that people would benefit from it, ask a Moderator.
  • I'm lost out in the middle of the server. Is there a way I can find the main roads again?
    • If you're trying to find a roadside build nearby, hit the Debug button (default F3) and find your way to either x=0 or z=0. This is not exact but this should put you close enough to the roads to see them. See the Coordinates page on the Minecraft Wiki for details on navigating with the Debug Screen.
    • If you want to get back to the spawn location, use /spawn
  • How do I set a private warp or home location?
    • Use the /sethome command. This will set a default home to which you can return using the /home command.
    • You can also set multiple other named homes with /sethome [homename]. To return later, use /home [homename].
    • Use the /listhomes command to see what you've got saved.
  • Neat! What other commands can I use?
    • Please refer to the Commands article for more information.
  • Why can't I build here??
    • Because it's protected. Spawn is protected with a 400X400 square with spawn in the middle. Users may also request protection for their plots by contacting a Moderator.
    • From your inventory, select a Wooden Sword. Right-click an object to see if it's protected, and if it isn't, you're allowed to build. If it is, move farther away from spawn, or out of someone's plot, and try again.
  • OK, where can I build?
    • Anywhere that is not staked out by another user (typically marked with a border and some signs) or protected already. Walk or fly away from heavily-populated areas - there's lots of room out there.
    • You can also ask to join a community project. This doubles as a great way to learn how Minecraft works if you've only bought the game recently.
  • Someone removed my awesome diamond block and gold block and cake house, then removed my floating rollercoaster. What gives?
    • Sometimes things are built that are not aesthetically pleasing; sometimes they're outright awful. This is referred to as derpy building, tard towers or troll building, and the structures may be removed without warning.
  • OK, how do I prevent derping up the map?
    • Go to the University of Creative Building, a.k.a Derp U, with the command /warp derpu.
  • How do I protect my stuff?
    • If you have something worth protecting, mark the corners of your intended build with an obvious marker block (colored wool works well), then submit a moderator request for protection (see below). You can also request other players to be added to your protected area. Doing this prevents most griefing, so if you care about your creation, please do this.
  • Oh my word! Someone is griefing/building on my land/etc. How do I get help??
    • First off, don't start shouting about it in chat. It annoys everyone else, and could get you muted, kicked, or even banned.
    • Contact a Moderator.
  • Some jerk is looking at me funny, or in my house. Can you make him leave?
    • That typically runs counter to the purpose of a public Creative-build server. Why build if you want to prohibit others from seeing it? If this person is breaking or placing blocks where they shouldn't, or if they're inhibiting building by standing in your way purposely or firing arrows/snowballs at you constantly, contact a Moderator.
  • Hey, my brother/friend/local hobo got banned. Will a moderator unban them?
    • Nope. Have them go to nerd.nu/appeal, read it, and follow the instructions.
  • What mods can I use?
    • There's not many reasons to use a gameplay-changing mod legitimately on Creative. Something like Optifine is probably OK, but flyhack, speedhack, fastplace, item givers, etc. are not OK, as it affects the server and the game play of others or gives access to banned items. Ask a moderator or post on the forum if you're really not sure.
  • You told me to use a command and when I typed it in nothing happened. What the heck?
    • In this article code surrounded by brackets /command [in bracket code here] is just a placeholder. Oftentimes in server and here people will use brackets to denote that the wording must be changed. For example, if you wanted to go to the warp 8bit /warp [warpname] becomes /warp 8bit.
  • Someone told me to type /drunk. How do I turn it off?
    • To turn off /drunk, type /sober
    • The /drunk command wears off by itself in about 30 seconds, and /gin wears off in about 15 minutes.
    • Apparently, there is not a way to turn off /sniper. Just wait about 30 seconds.
  • How do I become a moderator?
    • By not asking.
  • Really?
    • Yes, really. Moderators are nominated from a small, trusted group of contributors. The admins usually keep the names of people they are considering extremely close to their chests until a moderator-only voting process begins. If you really want to be a moderator, build something so amazing that the server administrators can't help but take notice, and do so consistently.

Contacting a moderator

  • If you have read the above FAQ, and really need to contact a moderator (to report griefing, land disputes, or need a banned item placed such as bonemeal or water), submit a request.
    • To submit a request, use the /modreq command. Use it only once. Then, be patient. Moderators are typically very busy. If someone is griefing, for example, don't try to fix it, don't spam chat with complaints, just wait. Once a moderator is free, they can roll-back the damage very quickly, so just take a deep breath and relax.
    • Example for griefing: /modreq Griefing username is placing obsidian on my house
    • Example for protection: /modreq Protection corners marked with purple wool
  • If you're wondering if a user is a moderator, or if someone tells you they are, you can check using the /modlist command. This also demonstrates why it may take some time to complete a modreq - if there are 100 users on the server, and a limited number of moderators, please be understanding. As long as you use /modreq, a ticket is created, and your request won't be forgotten, even if you log out.
  • Contacting a moderator does not guarantee that you get your way, though. Sometimes, the answer is "No".
  • For more information about /modreq, refer to the Modreq article.

Guide Summary

  • Protip: Don't be a dick. Read the rules.
  • Protip: Right-click with a wooden sword to see why you can't build there.
  • Protip: If you need something, submit a /modreq and be patient. Don't complain about it.
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