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Christmas Town
Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 11.33.17.png
Server PvE
Map revision 24 (current)
Coordinates 2300, 2795
Lead kitty9293 and ieuweh
Contributors PPGOME, Norami, 32ndFlava, Spartan____, Zomise, Treppich, SkyAdventurer01
Started July 2019
Completed December 2019

Christmas Town was born during Revision 21 when kitty9293 suggested PPGOME and ieuweh move their build (originally a giant xmas tree with presents) to a bigger, more amicable area outside of Tabula Rasa, and since then it has become a staple project for the Colorata group. This revision it grew more ambitious, with multiple colossal builds (like the Dollhouse and Xmas Tree), and had a new theme: Summer Christmas, in honor of their Australian friends.

Alt text

❄ Merry Christmas from all of us! ❄

Alt text
Pico Metro Loop, that connects Pico with Xmas Town, drawn by Treppich


Games, Shops and other town builds

As usual, Christmas Town was a community project, this time lead by kitty9293, and planned by ieuweh, kitty9293 and PPGOME, in collaboration with many Pico's members who contributed to the project with their own builds and donations.

  1. Dollhouse - built by kitty9293
  2. Giant dolls - built by ieuweh
  3. Carousel - built by ieuweh
  4. Pico Metro Station - built by Spartan____
  5. Gingerbread Garden - built by ieuweh
  6. Toy Train, Rail Station - built by ieuweh
  7. Xmas Stables - built by kitty9293
  8. Giant Rocking Horse - built by ieuweh
  9. Giant Teddy Bear - built by kitty9293
  10. Snow's Best Ice Cream - built by ieuweh
  11. Gift Shop - built by ieuweh
  12. Nutcracker - built by ieuweh
  13. Xmas House - built by SkyAdventurer01
  14. Norami's Bouncy Castle - built by Norami
  15. Cookie Shop - built by PPGOME
  16. Giant Santa - built by ieuweh
  17. Ice Skating Rink - built by Treppich
  18. Giant letter cubes - built by kitty9293
  19. Señor Pingüino - built by ieuweh
  20. Giant beach ball - built by kitty9293
  21. Giant Xmas Tree - built by ieuweh
  22. Giant food/Farms - built by kitty


Secret Santa

The Secret Santa sign-ups were organized by kitty9293 following this schedule:

  • Nov 18th - Sign-ups begin
  • Dec 7th - Sign-ups end
  • Dec 8th - You will receive an ingame /mail from kitty9293 with another players name
  • Dec 13th - Your gift needs to be in the designated chest
  • Dec 14th - You can open your gift!

The Secret Santa Get-together was scheduled on December 14th, 7:00pm Central (8:00pm EST), and it was documented by cujobear, i_c_e_, buzzie71, Merp2000 and NastyHabits.

Befana's Quest

Alt text
Painting hidden inside the giant sunbathing Santa

Befana's Christmas map hunt had its third edition during this Revision, this time with new additions. Sadly, ieuweh wasn't able to finish all the maps she had planned on time for the event, so only one was hidden (inside the giant sunbathing Santa, by twisting one of his nipples).

Here are the six summer paintings originally planned for this year's event:

Alt text


Pre-build images

During a discord chat, ieuweh, kitty9293 and PPGOME came up with the idea to create a xmas town inspired by the south hemisphere. This way, Santa could go to the beach and enjoy the sun while drinking some cocktails in between delivering all his gifts! ieuweh quickly drew the image that would become the moodboard for the town.

Mid-build screenshots, September 2019

Mid-build screenshots, October 2019

Mid-build screenshots, November 2019

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