La Serena

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La Serena
Server PvE
Map revision 18
Lead ieuweh

La Serena was the first ship ieuweh built on the server.



During rev17, ieuweh settled on a swampy area near Spawn where she built a small wood cabin in the water. She often had to travel by boat to gather materials, something that motivated her into exploring other distant lands. La Serena was built in Mitzland, a viking town founded on an icy coast by the very kind Sir_Mittenz, with the intent of creating a safer way to travel. Using a combination of woods (oak logs and planks, spruce planks and jungle logs), La Serena was a lot sturdier than ieuweh's previous little oak boat, so much so that this allowed ieuweh to work as a merchant, trading mostly books, potions and ice blocks during the following months.


After sailing from one corner to the other, ieuweh ended up docking La Serena at Diamandis, a new town founded close to the center of the map, with good maritime connections to other coastal cities. She helped collect resources and build infrastructure for Diamandis until the Mayor decided to immolate himself inside Town Hall, murdering the local villagers and allowing the fire to spread and consume the surrounding builds, including La Serena. Efforts were made to save the ship, but all the treasures collected during rev18 were lost forever.


La Serena found a new home in Tabula Rasa after town members encouraged ieuweh to collect materials to restore the ship's glorious past. During this Revision ieuweh collected a series of banners, paintings and souvenirs from the people, towns and cities that she encountered in her travels, and kept everything well secured at the cargo hold. She also became the 10th Knight of Arthur's Round Table and decorated La Serena accordingly.


Thanks to a peaceful stay at the Tabula Rasa docks, La Serena was ready to embark on a new adventure in the Northern Seas. This time she focused on transporting sponges to various ports, where the trades were fruitful and everything seemed smooth sailing until a strange force awakened in her that violently pushed her sails west. Many attempts were made to stir the ship in a different direction, but no matter the ingenuity or force used, a powerful wind would keep La Serena on a straight route west towards the mysterious Rainbow Mountain, built by Azumarill and tompreuss. Ieuweh thinks that the ship might be haunted by jelly like creatures, who believe the Rainbow Mountain to be their homeland.



La Serena was inspired by the Chilean city with the same name, where ieuweh used to spend the summer with her G├╝eli as a child.

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