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Tompreuss 2012-07-27 20.54.29.png
tompreuss, flanked by Ooer and JohnAdams1735
Authority PvE Admin
Favorite server PvE
Joined PvE revision 4

Minecraft: tompreuss

Reddit: tompreuss


Revision 11

In progress.

Revision 10

Helped Argoth with bunches of things like the wall, farms, roads, spleef stadium, discotecka, Argoth Munitions Headquarters, rail to spawn, and spleef team. Built a CARTS for Viva La Vina. Helped in Pico with totemo and his glorious Pico Sandy Bank. Helped in Stroke This Putt Putt with setting up of the fireworks for their big tournament and helped kitcatbar with her end of revision fireworks show as well.

But mostly did everything and anything with Azumarill in the amazing Woodfall. And of course tons of other stuff too.

Oh, and a brief 24 hour interlude in late November to help special event CTF red team to victory. I wrote up extensive thoughts from that experience on the subreddit.

In December there was the Dr. Sign chase, my thoughts on that are also on the subreddit.

Then also in January, took part in the Creative 10-minute build contest, took (secretly shared) fifth place in the media category and fourth place in the vehicles category.

Revision 9

Claimed NE portal, helped Argoth and Wellspring share that, helped with Argoth terraforming, spleef stadium, cow farm, welcome center, underground farms, library, PvELotto booth, built public wool farm tower, helped Pico with their PvELotto booth and finishing touches on thrawn21's portal tower build, helped buzzie71 with Mahri Nui, helped Azumarill with this and helped with lots of other things here and there.

Revision 8

Built Port Aperture house, ran into bencvt while connecting roads to Argoth State University, joined Argoth, built Argoth house, helped with many ASU and Argoth projects including ASU Varsity sheep farm, ASU Spleef Stadium, finishing up the Argoth Central Terminal, many various rail tunnels and lines, built house near Lake Littleass, worked on Argoth Juice Bar and PvP Arena, and lots of little things and not so little things. Also attended many events put on by other towns/players and played in a couple spleef matches.

Older revisions

rv7 house

rv6 house

rv5 house

rv4 I can't seem to find, I blame the apparent map corruption. It was a tiny house on a hill.

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