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2011-02-12 21.39.52.png
Clock Towers, enough said.
Authority Previously Creative Admin
Favorite server Creative
Joined December 26, 2010

Verros is a former Creative Admin of the servers. Verros prefers to build big stuff and cannot make very good houses, or at least not normal houses.

Verros was made a Moderator back in March 2011 and a Creative Admin in October 2011. On February 26, 2013, he stepped down from being an admin and has returned to being a moderator in 2020.

Some of Verros' most notable creations include:

Revision 11: The Great Clock Tower, The Giant Tardis, VRR

Revision 12: Verros City The First, Verros City Station

Revision 13: The Netherbox

Revision 14: Verros City, Top Hat

Revision 15: Dome5, Super Verros

Revision 16: 8 Bit Sign, The Graldafalaa, Cactus Cliff, Fedora

Revision 17: Bicorne, Spawn

Revision 18: The Big Ignuf

Revision 19: SkyFold

Revision 20: Spawn

Revision 21: Spawn, Crocodile City, Ravine Q, Stove Pipe

Revision 22: Spawn, Wool World

Revision 23: Spawn

PvE 2: Sideways House with a sideways snow tree floating over a lake

PvE 5: Some Tower in Brom

PvE 7: Orange Point

PvE 8: Anvar

PvE 9: The Great Wood Arch

PvE 10: Mayor of Ise

You may have also noticed that Verros leads a large number of community projects! However, he currently he is not leading any.

Also, some really nice person made this .gif for him.


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