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Argoth-Brom (r10)

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Sharing the North Eastern Nether Portal are the two PvE Super-powers Argoth and Brom. In the spirit of mutual distrust, they have decided to claim and share a single portal which is positioned at the top of the local travel hub that also doubles as a check point to get between the two cities. Argoth is to the south and Brom to the north.

The portal is not all that is shared, the local farms for animals and food all crops can be found at the Fifty For Farms down at Y:50 under the portal area. The two cities also share a large mine with a drop from the surface and rail back up. There is a chest room under the mine's main entrance near bedrock level with chests and furnaces available for use.

For city planning consult the subreddits /r/newargoth and /r/brom/

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