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Seeing as we're the official Reddit Minecraft Public Servers, it stands to reason that we use reddit extensively for discussion.

Subreddits of interest

General interest
/r/mcpublic the official server subreddit
/r/mcpublicofftopic for off-topic stuff
/r/mcpubliccirclejerk for derping around
/r/minecraft for general Minecraft
/r/mcpublicwiki for this wiki
/r/mcpublicafterdark for Gentlemen
/r/Tedbear for the discussion of everybody's favorite cult of bears
/r/TheTedPill extension of /r/Tedbear for somehow-even-worse shitposts
/r/teambritain Team Britain (private)
/r/zion Zion (private)
/r/nerdia Nerdia (Inactive)
/r/MCambrosia Ambrosia (Active)
/r/mcangkor Angkor (Inactive)
/r/mcatlantis Atlantis (Inactive)
/r/newargoth Argoth (Active)
/r/AvalonMC Avalon (Active)
/r/baktun Baktun (Active)
/r/brom Brom (Active)
/r/Burgeth Burgeth (Active)
/r/darco Darco (Inactive)
/r/deorne Deorne (Inactive)
/r/mcfisaspleef FISA (spleefing!) (Active)
/r/MCHaven Haven (Active)
/r/kalmos Kalmos (Active)
/r/mclaputa Laputa (Active)
/r/lemuria Lemuria (Inactive)
/r/pvelothos Lothos (Inactive)
/r/melonville Melonville (Inactive)
/r/mcolympic Olympic_City PvE_Olympics (Inactive)
/r/mcpearlislands Pearl Islands (Inactive)
/r/mcpico Pico (Active)
/r/oasismc Oasis (Inactive)
/r/port80 Port 80 (Active)
/r/portaperture Port Aperture (Active)
/r/mcpverails PvE Rail Workers' Union (Active)
/r/pveroads PvE Roadbuilders' Association (Active)
/r/HexaEmpire Quetzalcoatl (Inactive)
/r/RiversidePve Riverside (Active)
/r/mcrosecity Rose City (Active)
/r/Shadyoaks Shady Oaks Retirement Labyrinth (Inactive)
/r/Solace Solace (Active)
/r/pveseneca Seneca (Inactive)
/r/minecraftpveshannon Shannon (Inactive)
/r/Tsitrin Tsitrin (Inactive)
/r/mcWallaWalla Walla-Walla (Inactive)
/r/wellspring Wellspring (Inactive)
/r/mcwhoreisland Whore Island (Inactive)
/r/pveumc UMC (Inactive)
/r/uncehaven UnceHaven (Active)
/r/yowie Yowie (Active)
PS: Creative and Survival, y u no subreddit?
We do, it's called r/mcpublic ;)

Tips and tricks

You can view all related subreddits at once via the multireddit function. Current updated multireddit made by Wyndysascha:

Reddit lets you view a specific set of subreddits by combining them with +. Example:

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