Deorne (r6)

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2011-12-09 11.28.44.png
Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates -850X, 810Z
Lead travismaybe
Started 2011-11-20


Deorne was created on Revision 6 by travismaybe.

Before Deorne was settled, the land was inhabited by a large amount of pine trees and wolves. Travismaybe set up a hut and got to work securing land for Deorne and shortly after, Slide23 and Emf5100 joined him. A fence was set up to define borders and roads were created to help travel. After the fence was put up, those that moved to Deorne started working on homes. A farm was set up, as was the Deorne Town Hall. Since then, more members have moved to Deorne and more buildings have been built, including the Big-Ass Mega Farm (BAMF), which is currently the largest animal farm on the server.

Currently, Deorne is preparing more roads for new residents and assembling a spleef team.


  • Rail access - 850 loop only (northbound line currently under construction)
  • Farms
    • Wheat farm
    • Reed farm
    • Animal farm
    • Slime farm
    • Meatwad's farm (pumpkins, melons, reeds, wheat)
  • XP grinder
  • Public enchanting table
  • Forest patches (spruce, birch)
  • Stores
    • Potion Shop
    • Two Cafes
    • Smoothstone and Glass Shop
    • Woolworth's Wool (Coming Soon)
  • Entertainment/Leisure
    • The Deorne Lotto
    • Winterhold Arena
    • Shooting Range

More to come soon.


Deorne is on the southwest corner of the 850 rail loop (south of WopTown and west of Shitburg).